Custom Glass

Nichols Art Glass can add beautiful blown glass sculptures to your home, or business. You can find examples of Andy's work all over The Pacific Northwest and the USA. 

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We can custom design art that fits your space. From wall hangings to wonderful chandeliers - the only limit is your imagination. If you visit our gallery, we have some good examples of large scale installations here as well.

Columbia Gorge Historical Influence

The Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area stretches 85 miles on both sides of one of the largest waterways on the continent. Protected by the National Scenic Act in 1986, the region is home to an incredible combination of spectacular landscapes, rare plants, wildlife, recreational opportunities, farmland, ancient Indian rock art, and the other cultural and historic sites. It is recognized internationally as the destination for exploring the natural beauty and cultural richness of the Pacific Northwest. 


Andy Nichols creates pieces that are unique in color design, living in the Columbia Gorge, where he is inspired by natural beauty of Salmon and Trout and the life journey they endure. 

Each Fish is uniquely designed with abstract colors and patterns, while holding true to common characteristics of native fish. These fish, an artistic interpretation of Pacific Coast Trout and Salmon, are influenced by the changes that occur during the spawning cycles. Striking colors and a dramatic shape lend to a feel of life and motion.

For availability and pricing please contact the studio.